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Coach AManda

Coaching people out of fear and into action.


I am a level III snowboard instructor, class III+ river guide (who has rowed The Grand Canyon!), and a 4x certified Health and Life Coach.
I have created my life around having a good time, intentionally.
Were there doubts, haters, and fear? Absolutely.

Did I let them win? NOPE!

When I am not at home with a cat on my lap (who is most likely eating my notes) creating transformation for my clients (and probably eating potatoes), I am most likely outside pushing my physical limits and basking in the beauty of nature.

I live in the mountains and love spending time among the rivers, lakes, trees, and wildflowers.
I find nature to be humbling and a natural reset. 

I have traveled internationally as a single young woman, despite the many negative comments from loved ones.
(I know it was their way of caring and showing their love).

I also knew that it was worth it and important for me to do, no matter what happened. This is a common theme in my life.

It is what has led me here to guide you, support you, listen to you, and question you. Yes, question.

I am not a coach who gives bottomless advice or tells you what to do. I prefer a method where you are much more involved. This keeps your transformation and breakthroughs authentic to YOU and YOUR journey.

There is no cookie-cutter method for your Authentic Alignment journey.

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