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Free journal prompts

This month's topic: change, growth, & new beginings

  1. If you were to pick one area of life that needs change the most, which would it be? (Career, health, creativity, finances, home environment, physical activity, home cooking, education, social life, spirituality, relationships, or joy.)

  2. What would change look like in that area of life for you? Be descriptive, tap into your senses. 

  3. On a scale of 1-10, how important is it that you create change in this area of life? 

  4. How does this change contribute to your growth as a person? What version of you are you becoming or supporting by following through on this change?

  5. How important is it to you that you fill those shoes and become that grown version of yourself (from question #4)? 

  6. What would you be letting go of, or moving away from when you follow through and create this change for yourself?

  7. What new beginnings and opportunities might be available to you once you take action toward this change? (GET CREATIVE! Your answers here are LIMITLESS. Dream big. Ask for what you want!)

  8. Based on what you’ve come up with, what action are you going to take today, how will you stay consistent, and what support do you need to line up for yourself (accountability)?

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