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Clarity & Confidence is a one-time 90-minute life coaching session designed to provide you with the immediate relief & refocusing you need. Why schedule a single session, versus an ongoing package?

A one-time life coaching session is a great fit if:

  • You’re so busy you don’t know which way is up

  • You’re curious about life coaching, but not ready to commit 

  • You’re missing out on things because you’re feeling disorganized

  • You’re repeating the same behavior and ready to move on from it

Schedule a 90-minute

Online Coaching Session

Scheduling a one-time life coaching session can be incredibly beneficial for individuals who feel stuck, uncertain or are seeking guidance on their personal or professional goals. During a one-time session, I’ll help you gain clarity on your goals, assess your current situation, and create an action plan to move forward.


In addition, a one-time life coaching session can provide a totally unbiased perspective that can be hard to obtain from friends or family members. Professional and objective feedback can help you develop a clearer understanding of your strengths and areas that might deserve more of your attention. Clarity & Confidence was designed to be the quick caffeine boost your brain might need mentally or emotionally. Whether it’s to determine if life coaching is right for you or just to clear your mind & set a few goals, I’m ready when you are. Schedule your session now!

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Why Schedule a Life Coaching Session?

  • It provides a fresh perspective on what you’re working towards.

  • Life coaching provides the inspiration & tools to redefine what’s most important to you.

  • By taking part in a coaching session, you’re giving yourself permission to set goals for yourself and see clearly what’s stopping you from achieving them.

  • You’ll enjoy a safe & supportive environment that’s designed for self-exploration.

  • Leave with a fully-customized action plan and the motivation to stick to it.

  • You’ll feel confident in your abilities & decisions

With clarity concerning your personal values & priorities, you’ll feel resilient in the face of your unique obstacles and motivated to take them on. 

Clarity & Confidence is not just about feeling great about the future, it’s about feeling proud of your past as well. We’ll work to cultivate a sense of fulfillment & satisfaction for your previous accomplishments. We’ll pour some water and sunshine over your strengths, and watch them grow to create new opportunities in the years ahead.

Meet Amanda Rolfe

I’m Amanda, your adventure-driven & certified life coach based in Duxbury, MA and North Lake Tahoe, CA. While today I’m living with balance and managing my time wisely, it has not always been this way. I’m ready to partner with you to expand your confidence, enhance your self-management, and help you live the life you’re looking for.


I've been told that my coaching is a good balance between "masculine and feminine" or "structural and spiritual.” I use this balance between structure and flow to allow us to constantly expand what’s possible. I now have 4 coaching certifications so I can deliver life-changing results to you.


My client sessions are about creating fun, expanding curiosity, and supporting you. While there’s always a time and a place for good advice and hearing what worked for someone else, that’s not what I’m here to do. I’m here to say I trust you, I believe in you, and let’s figure out how you’re going to do what you want to do. Schedule a consultation call to start a conversation with me.

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Life Coach in Duxbury, MA & North Lake Tahoe, CA

If you’re fumbling due to a lack of structure, don’t put up with it anymore. Through in-depth questioning, curiosity, and Transformational Coaching Method techniques, Clarity & Confidence will help you grow your awareness of your own potential for change, realize new ways of meeting your goals, and create an action plan to make it happen.


So what are you waiting for? If feeling empowered & in control of your life, motivated, connected to your passions, and open to new experiences sounds great to you, then book a call!

This package includes:

  • One-time Session
  • 90-minutes over the phone
  • Find out what life coaching looks & feels like for you
  • Feel like yourself again and get back in the game
  • All for $147
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Get in touch and you’ll hear from me within 1-2 business days to schedule a call.

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