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"I can’t say enough good things about Amanda, her Back on Track program, and her 1:1 coaching sessions! I found her on Instagram, when a gal I was aspired by and followed on Instagram said she recommended Amanda as a life coach. It blew my mind someone like her had a life coach and I thought, if she does, so can I! I reached out to learn more about Back on Track as I was feeling stuck, confused, and helpless in the day to day monotony. From the initial call, Amanda had this great way of saying everything I was trying to put together myself. I loved the Back on Track program! It was a great introduction to the fundamentals and it was amazing to be in a small group environment. The other woman in the group was so different from me, in a different phase of her life, but the issues we were each working through were so similar! I learned so much from the other woman and our journey with Amanda was enjoyable. I felt successful and Amanda helped us celebrate all the small/big wins. Which is something that I found hard to do on my own before this program. With so many life changes ahead, I invested in myself, continuing in 3 month 1:1 sessions. She has been amazing. My life is purposeful, full of accomplishments, and I am more confident in the direction of my life."

- Kaylee B.

"Amanda is awesome! She helped keep me accountable while reframing my perspective on the way I was doing things. She is compassionate, caring and showed me to appreciate the small wins while working towards my larger goals. Highly recommend if you need some structure and a nudge in the right direction!"

- Cassidy L.

"I was new to Life Coaching and wasn’t sure what to expect when I contacted Amanda. Right away I found Amanda easy to talk to. Amanda asked thought provoking questions, listened to what I said and helped me develop goals. Amanda speaks with clarity and precision and provides structure and direction. I found Amanda to be friendly and trustworthy and a key part of my support network during challenging times. This experience has enriched my life."

- Patrick J.

"I was recently overwhelmed by major work and life transitions, and finally admitted to myself that I needed help. I brought Amanda on for twice weekly sessions, and through her process she helped me to prioritize what I needed to accomplish, schedule my day-to-day tasks and get my life organized. I became much more effective with my time, the sense of overwhelm went away, and I was able to create a balance between work and fun amidst the intensity. I don’t know how things would have turned out without her - I highly recommend working with her!"

- Gavin L.

"Amanda is a great listener that she was able to helped me organized my thoughts. We identified my priorities, letting me know where I should start. I used to be super dependent of other people, and now I have my first driven license! And I found my dream job! I am excited for our next 90 minutes so I can clear my mind and focus in my new priorities!
She is an amazing person and super profesional in her job. I recommended 100% Amanda for being your life coach . You would always feel that she understand you! She has the power of empathize with you and know where you should start for living your best life."

- Maria W.

"After my 12 week program with Amanda I’m trying to get everyone I know to sign up, it’s so worth it! Amanda has a great gift of helping you translate all that brain scatter and rambling into values that you can then organize your life around. I would highly recco working with her to make some important changes in your life that will last well beyond the length of this program."

- Alexandra B.

"Amanda is amazing! She’s inspired and encouraged me to take the right steps to reach my goals and make my dreams a reality. She’s knowledgeable, warm, and she always asks the right questions. She teaches the right tools to help you move forward with the goals you want to reach.

Whether you’re feeling stuck in a pattern or you need that boost of confidence to finally make something happen in your life, Amanda’s inspirational coaching will help you get there in a way that’s true to you."

- Rachel R.

"I had been struggling with work/life balance last summer and decided to reach out to Amanda for help. Her program helped me find the balance I was looking for and some! Still implementing some of the strategies she taught me, almost everyday. 👍 Thanks Amanda!"

- Colin F.

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