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Pros and Cons of Group Coaching

Group coaching programs can sound uninviting to independent freethinkers and introverts. It may seem impossible to some (it used to to me) but the results have been clear as day. I’m going to break down a couple of pros & cons so you can see that even the most introverted independent people can still benefit from a group program such as Back On Track.


Too many members, not enough attention.

Larger group coaching programs can be overwhelming and stressful, especially if you’ve never done anything like it before. When there are too many people in a group things can get missed and the time & attention on you can feel like not enough. When a group coaching program has too many people in it you may struggle to be present and have a hard time slowing down. With my group coaching program Back On Track, I keep the groups small and intimate to ensure you are getting the time and attention you want and to encourage being present & slowing down. When your day is full of rushing to the next thing, it can be such a treat to just slow down and be present.

I don’t work well in groups.

If you’re scared from the days of school projects when you had to pick up all the slack of the group, don’t you worry. Group coaching isn’t about pleasing others or taking on their responsibilities. You do your own work for your own benefit. And vice versa, no one is going to do the work for you. You do it all on your own time. The bonus of working in a small group such as Back On Track is that you get to witness others processing parallel situations to yours which creates a really easy and gentle way of self-reflection & learning. Rather than information from just one person, you get to learn from multiple sources which gives you more perspectives and widens your pathway of growth.


Group coaching means flexibility.

In Back On Track, you can watch the recorded videos any time that fits into your schedule. If you start off on the wrong foot you can go back & start over. There is no pressure of getting it perfect the first time or having to cram something else into your busy schedule. This helps relieve you from not doing it perfectly. It begins to build your confidence muscles so you can take action with more ease.

Group coaching will motivate, inspire, & increase your learning.

In group coaching you don’t have to communicate directly to the group, you mostly communicate with the coach. Others are able to witness, which helps bring in more perspective & accountability. It’s also a great first step in beginning to get more comfortable communicating your needs and desires which helps build healthy connections with others. You don’t have to directly ask to receive help; it's built into the group coaching program in a way that doesn’t make you seem weak or less than.

You can be a part of a group and still thrive in your independence. In fact, this will build a stronger, more diverse group that will enable more perspective & learning for the whole. Having your unique perspective will add one-of-a-kind value. If you couldn’t see yourself joining a group coaching program before, I hope I have changed your mind. Coming from a coach who never thought she would coach a group, it has proven to go beyond what I once believed to be possible.


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