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What Makes Someone a Good Candidate for Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a process of working with a trained professional to help individuals clarify their goals and develop a plan of action to achieve them. Life coaching is a results-oriented approach that focuses on helping people improve their personal and professional lives by identifying and overcoming obstacles that may be preventing them from reaching their full potential.

Life coaching is a valuable tool for anyone looking to make positive changes in their life and reach their full potential. But what makes someone the perfect candidate for life coaching? What do life coaches do, and is online life coaching the right fit for your circumstances? Find out now.

Should You Work With an Online Life Coach?

A good candidate for life coaching should have a desire to make positive changes in their life and a willingness to take action towards their goals. A willingness to be honest and vulnerable is also important, as coaching often involves exploring deep-seated beliefs and emotions. Below we’ll dive into a few ways someone might be a particularly good candidate for life coaching:

1. Going Through a Life Transition or Major Changes

An individual who is going through a transitionary period in life, such as a career shift, moving, entering motherhood, or going through a divorce, will find tremendous value in life coaching services. Why? Life coaches are trained to provide support through these kinds of times. Whether it’s helping you keep your priorities balanced, accelerate your career, navigate relationship changes, or something else. Major life changes can be both difficult and exciting to navigate. There’s no need to do it alone. If you’re experiencing large changes in your life right now, schedule a complimentary consultation.

2. Someone Who is Lacking Accountability

Just because you’re a goal-oriented person, does not mean you have the accountability to help yourself reach those goals. This is where life coaching comes in. Countless motivated individuals lack the time management skills to attain the goals they set for themselves. If you’ve been given a plan from a doctor, therapist, or physical therapist, but struggle to stay on track with it, talk to a life coach. Online life coaching is an excellent way to bridge the gap between your goals and your schedule.

3. Being a People Pleaser or Struggling to Prioritize Your Needs

Struggling to put yourself first is a tough routine to break. If you’ve made a habit out of putting others above yourself and constantly stressing about what others expect of you, you’re an excellent candidate for life coaching.

Just scheduling a session for yourself can bring relief. How so? You’ve already shown yourself that you’re committed to you, you’re willing to invest in your own needs, and you’re ready to live life on your own terms.

4. You’re Battling Low Self-Esteem

A lack of self-esteem can unravel a motivated individual. Online life coaching sessions help you uncover the incredible things you’ve already achieved and all of the opportunities ahead of you. Life coaching builds an appreciation for who you are and clarifies what it is you really want. From day 1, you’ll understand how you’re going to take action and why you’re going to take action. Whether you’re looking to improve self-esteem, enhance your self-awareness, or grow your relationships, life coaching is about you & your personal growth.

5. Searching for Change

If you’re fed up with the way things have been, secure your spot on my schedule. No matter what your goals may be, a perfect candidate for life coaching is someone who is ready for change. Feeling stuck or dissatisfied with your current situation is exactly the motivation it takes to do a complete 180° turn. If you feel like you’re treading water and ready for a fresh perspective, start working with an online life coach. A life coach will listen, ask questions, and help you formulate a plan to create the change you’re searching for.

Life Coach in North Lake Tahoe, CA

Amanda Rolfe is a life coach based in North Lake Tahoe, CA and Duxbury, MA. She works with adventurous individuals from all walks of life to help them reach their goals. If you’ve been nodding your head while reading this article, schedule a call today to find out what life coaching looks and feels like for you.


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