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4 Things That Annoy Me About The Life Coaching Industry

No matter how much you love your job or your industry, I think we can all agree that there are always going to be some annoyances. It could be the way things are done, what people think of your industry, or the one bad apple who gives it all a bad name. I’m going to be open & honest about what annoys me about the life coaching industry.


It’s true, there is no standard for life coaching. Anyone can call themselves a life coach. There are some certifications that are more recognized than others but still no standard. You should always do your research before hiring someone just like you would for a massage, a plumber, or any other service you purchase. I know that life coaches aren’t really on yelp so you can’t scroll through numerous reviews to make your decision but the cool thing is, that most coaches will do a free consultation. This is a great time for a coach to learn more about you but also a great time for you to learn more about them! Ask them questions and shop around! Just because there isn’t a standard for it, yet, doesn’t mean that life coaching is a hoax. There is a reason LinkedIn recorded over 6 million searches in 2020.

I hear people knock the industry all the time because there isn’t a standard and what I’ve noticed is the ones who are speaking up against it usually haven’t tried it. They are responding from a fear stance because making life changes is scary and humans don’t always love to see other people succeed. Therefore, it's much easier to talk bad about something than to participate or allow its goodness to shine through. Does that make sense? The ones lashing out could very well be a great candidate for life coaching.

I also want to quickly mention that you can have a life coach and be in therapy. I’d say about half my clients have a therapist while also working with me. It’s not a this or that situation. You can have a life coach and a therapist and a personal trainer and a nanny and a Spanish teacher and whatever else you need. Try not to get caught up in the limitations. See how big you can expand. Ask for help & receive help. Learn, grow, process, and heal in whatever way works for you.


I bet you could find all the answers and solutions to life on Instagram. There are so many self-help authors and influencers out there giving you all the advice you need, and more! This drives me nuts. You can read the book or like the post but then what? What shifts or changes are you going to make now and how long will that last? Statistics show that having accountability can increase your success by 95%. That is make or break! I’m all for reading the books and liking the post but you need an action plan and accountability if you want the goods to stick. If you’re going to take the time to absorb new information and new perspectives, give yourself the opportunity to integrate what you’ve learned into your life!

This is where my coaching style excels. I teach very little theory and give minimal advice. My coach style is all about facilitating curiosity in a way that unlocks and unleashes your truest self. I will increase your capacity for confidence no matter what life throws at you. If you were touched by a book or a post, great! We will find out why it touched you and what you want to do with what you learned for a lasting impact. With my coaching, you can bring any desires you want to the table and we will create a custom action plan to bring it to life for you. Then, I’ll be there to hold you accountable and work through any hiccups so it lasts! How kick ass does that sound?!


Life coaching isn’t a new career. In fact “coaching” has been around for a very long time. If you are “here” but you want to get “there” and what you’ve been doing isn’t working for you, you hire a coach or a teacher or an instructor or a guide - basically someone to prompt or urge you with instructions. This is a very obvious concept when it comes to writing or sports or learning anything, really. Once teenagers become adults we are so convinced we know exactly how to do life so the concept of having a life coach seems odd and unrealistic.

There is a reason it's being viewed as a trend right now. In all that is going on in the world, all the shifts and changes and heartaches and trumpets, doesn't it sound like a relief to have someone who is guaranteed to hear you out and be on your side? Someone who is going to be honest with you so that you can start taking intentional action. I’m a product of the work and I now facilitate the work so more people can access the level of accountability and support that got me where I am today. It's no accident you are hearing more and more about life coaches.


This annoyance is more for the coaching industry as a whole and not specifically life coaching but I think it is important to note. I see so many coaches online talking about how much money they make. I’ve even met coaches who got into the industry solely based on the amount of money they could make in a month. This seems odd to me but I’m not a money-driven person. I do think it is important to highlight the fact that there are many different types of coaches and It does make sense for a business coach who is helping their client to grow their business to mention money, however it still annoys me how much I see people talking about their finances online.

The truth is not many people in the coaching industry are getting rich quickly. The solo entrepreneurs I know work more than they did when they had a 9-5 job. They are pouring their heart and soul into their business to create something special for their buyer or clients. They are failing and failing again and not giving up because the work they’re doing means so much to them. Some of them may be going into debt just to get started with only faith holding them together. Maybe a few here and there got into the industry to get rich quickly and maybe some of them succeeded but for the majority, it’s not about the money, it's about the impact.

As a life coach, my number one mission is to help people unlock & unleash their truest selves for meaningful & memorable changes in their life. After ten years of guiding people past their fears and into a result through snowboard instruction and whitewater raft guiding, I know what my purpose is in this lifetime. I’m not here because it’s trendy, to get rich quick, or to sit on a high horse. I’m here for adventure-inspired, fun-focused life coaching, accountability, and action plans so that more of you can go through life with the confidence to make the changes you want to see in yourself & in the world.


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